How to Fix a Running Toilet w/ Complete Fill Valve Replacement — DIY

We’re going to look at how to fix a running toilet. First, we’re gonna turn the water supply off and on to hear if the toilet stops running.

We have a problem with our water constantly running, so we’re going to adjust the float and see if that fixes it. If it doesn’t, we’ll have to keep adjusting it and flushing to make sure that it stops right away.

The float switch isn’t going all the way up, so we’re gonna have to bend it a little bit, but that didn’t solve the problem. Now we can hear a trickling, which means the flapper isn’t sealing properly somewhere.

This toilet is an old unit, so we’re going to have to replace the entire thing. The flapper and the valve both need to be replaced, so let’s go to the store and grab a couple of these guys.

We’re going to replace this toilet, so first we’re going to shut off the water and make sure the water level is full. We’re also going to flush the toilet to remove as much water as possible.

We’re going to remove the toilet tank by removing two rusty bolts, a mounting nut, and a rubber gasket. We’re going to remove the tank by simply undoing the two bolts with our fingers.

We are going to remove the tank and sponge gasket, and then we are going to remove another mounting nut. We might need a big wrench for this one.

We removed the old gasket, cleaned up the inside a little bit, and installed the new gasket. We placed the bolt in the hole, and put on the rubber washer, and tightened it down with our hands.

We’re going to lift up the tank, place the sponge gasket in the middle, and then tighten up the bolts. We’re going to attach the valve, and then we’re going to attach the overflow tube, and then we’re going to attach the lock nut.

A metal clip was mounted on the valve, and a chain was attached to the clip. There should be minimal slack in the chain, so the flapper will lift up when you push the chain.

We’re going to reinstall our water supply line and let the tank fill up. We can adjust the water line to your heart’s desire, but we need to raise it a hair to prevent water spilling into the overflow.

To make sure the water level in your toilet tank is equal to your pencil line, turn the water off, fill the tank to the line, shut the water off, open the flap, and adjust the water level.

We are almost done. We are gonna make a pencil mark right where the current water level is in the bowl and we are gonna flush again to make sure that the bowl it reaches the bold water level reaches okay.

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