What Is Travel Mode On Bumble?

What Is Travel Mode On Bumble
How To So, you’re visiting a different city and want to meet some new people while you’re there. Maybe you’d like to go on a date or two, find a travel buddy, or perhaps network with folks in your industry. On Bumble, you can make meaningful connections before you even arrive at your next destination. With Bumble’s Premium feature Travel Mode, you can change your location before or during your trip—letting locals know you’re just in town for a short stretch.

To use the feature, select the blue Travel button in your settings. Then, type in the location you’re planning to visit. Travel Mode will then be turned on for seven days, but you can extend it for as long as you like if you’re loving your visit, or turn it off if you head home early.

Your location will automatically be set to the city center of your chosen destination, and an indicator in your profile will let potential matches know that you’re «traveling. » Safe travels!.

Why do guys use Travel mode on Bumble?

What Is Bumble Travel Mode? — Although Bumble is strict about location, the team behind the app understands that humans are rarely stationary. Travel mode allows users to establish their position in a different city for up to seven days. Unfortunately, you cannot set an exact location.

  1. Bumble will «drop» you right in the middle of town
  2. Your profile will also display an indicator that lets other Bumble users know that you are in Travel mode
  3. Bumble travel mode is available in all 3 modes, including dating, networking and making friends

Once you enable the travel mode, all the other users will see an indicator denoting that you’re on travel mode. What Is Travel Mode On Bumble.

Can people on Bumble see if you’re in Travel mode?

When you sign up to Bumble Premium, you can activate Travel Mode and select the city you want to appear in. Your location will show as being in the center of the city you’ve chosen (at this time you will not be able to select an exact location) and an indicator will display so other users know you’re using Travel.

What does Travel mode mean?

The Travel Mode is a setting that members can use when they’re traveling and would like to send postcards from their travel destination. To use it, simply set your account to Travel Mode on your Account Settings, choosing your destination country and city.

  • Then, just use the website as normal! All the postcards you send while in this mode will have your travel country/city as their origin, so that their maps and statistics are correct
  • If you’re traveling abroad, the Postcard IDs will also be from your travel country — but you’ll need to physically be in that country in order to request addresses, so that we can check that your location is a match
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Please note that while you’re in Travel Mode, your account will not be selected to receive postcards (since you’re not home to receive them). All your due postcards will be sent to you when you are back home and set your account back to Active. If you’re using your mobile’s data to access the internet abroad, please be aware that your traffic may be routed through your home country’s servers.

Can you use Travel mode on Bumble for free?

Please note, Travel mode is only available as a part of our Bumble Premium subscription and it is not available on Bumble Web yet.

How long does travel mode last on Bumble?

What is travel mode on Bumble? — In a nutshell, it is Bumble’s answer to Tinder’s passport. Yes! Bumble finally caved into the user demand and provided a similar feature to the much-loved Tinder passport. The Bumble travel mode lets premium users change their location up to seven days to a different location than where they are physically present.

The profile displays a ‘traveler’ icon, notifying other bumble users that you are there for a short stay. The rest of the bumble features and how you use the Bumble app remain the same. When you enable the travel mode, Bumble drops you off in the center of the city you’ve chosen.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to set an exact location at the moment. PS: Make sure that you have a premium subscription; otherwise, you won’t be able to use Bumble travel mode. If you don’t have a premium subscription, you can purchase it anytime. It’s hard to know what makes you look attractive on dating apps, and even harder to make the changes needed to get more matches.

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  • Thanks to our A
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Does Bumble change your location when you travel?

If you’re interested in the dating pool of another city, you can change your location using Travel Mode to make connections wherever you’d like. With Bumble Premium, you can activate Travel Mode to swipe and be shown in another city before or during your travels making it more convenient to create genuine connections!.

How do I hide my location on Bumble?

4) Hide Your Location by Turning Off the GPS — You can hide your location by turning off the GPS location from your phone. However, with location turned off you will not be able to look for new matches. It may or may not be a good idea because you can still chat with your existing matches without the location feature. Here is how you can do it on Android:

  • Go to settings and select Apps
  • Find Bumble in your list of apps
  • Select permissions from the list
  • Select Location and then Deny the permission

This is how you can do it on iOS:

  • Open Settings and go to Bumble settings
  • Choose Location Settings in the Bumble settings
  • Tap on Never or Ask Next Time which means it will not have access to your location without your permission

What Is Travel Mode On Bumble If you are open to sharing your location with permission, you can choose the Ask Next Time option. It means that you will get a pop up notification whenever Bumble wants to use your location.

How long does Bumble show your location?

What Is Bumble’s Travel Mode? — Bumble has a feature known as Travel Mode. This feature allows you to set your location to a different city than the one you’re in for a period of 7 days. You won’t get to set an exact location and your profile will also have an indicator showing that you are in Travel Mode.

This feature is meant to help you find matches when you travel to new regions and cities. It is however not free: you have to pay with Bumble coins to access the Travel Mode setting. Here’s how you can enable Travel Mode: Step 1: Open Bumble and then tap on the gear icon to open the Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down to find the Location settings at the bottom and then select «Travel to…». Step 3: Search for the city you wish to travel to and select it. The timer will begin right away. When you’re in Travel Mode, you can change your location as many times as you want, but you can select one location at a time. What Is Travel Mode On Bumble.

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How much does Bumble premium cost?

What is Bumble Boost and Bumble Premium? — While not advertised as such, Boost is like a lower pay tier to Premium. Here are the price breakdowns for both according to in-app numbers:Bumble Boost(opens in a new tab):

  • 1 week at $8. 99
  • 1 month at $16. 99
  • 3 months at 33. 99
  • 6 months at $54. 99

Bumble Premium(opens in a new tab):

  • 1 week at $19. 99
  • 1 month at $39. 99
  • 3 months at $76. 99
  • Lifetime for $229. 99

With Bumble Boost, users can reverse a left swipe with Backtrack and extend time on matches(opens in a new tab) for another day. Boost members also receive unlimited swipes; one Spotlight(opens in a new tab) per week (which puts your profile at the top of the swiping «stack»); and five SuperSwipes(opens in a new tab) a week (lets another user know beforehand that you want to match).

Premium members have all those features, plus unlimited Advanced Filters (whereas other users can only use two at a time); the ability to rematch with expired matches; Travel Mode(opens in a new tab) (swipe anywhere you want to); the Beeline(opens in a new tab) to see everyone who’s already liked you; and Incognito Mode(opens in a new tab), which hides your profile and only appears for those you swiped right on.

As of publication, Incognito Mode is only available on the Bumble app, not the browser version. Bumble Premium is pricier than other dating app subscriptions. For comparison, a week’s worth of Bumble Premium, $19. 99, is worth a month of Tinder Platinum. Hinge, meanwhile, is in the middle(opens in a new tab) at $29.

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