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<h2>Which of the following travelers may an AO direct?</h2>
The AO will usually direct you to stay in: Government or privatized lodging if you are TDY to a U. installation at an ILP location, or are a uniformed member TDY to any installation. DoD Preferred commercial lodging if you are TDY to an ILP location, but not to a U.
<h2>Which is a benefit of using the travel card?</h2>
Travel cards can save you money but they're not all alike — •••  Westend61/Getty Images Travel credit cards are convenient for booking trips, and the best ones save you money plus offer travel perks. These cards typically allow you to earn miles or points for every dollar you charge on travel, or in some cases, everyday expenses.
<h4>Can an AO approve payment for items not addressed by the Jtr?</h4>
Terms in this set (10) An AO can approve payment for items not addressed by the JTR.
<h3>Which statement applies only to restricted cardholders quizlet?</h3>
Which statement applies only to restricted cardholders? They must validate with their APC that the GTCC has been activated with the travel card vendor. Why should you establish an online account with the travel charge card vendor?.
<h4>Which of the following is a source of DoD travel regulations?</h4>
For DoD civilian employees, the JTR's authority is primarily derived from U. Title 5 statutes, General Service Administration's (GSA) Federal Travel Regulation (FTR), and the Department of State's Standardized Regulations. For Uniformed Service members, the JTR's authority is primarily derived from U.
<h3>What is the primary regulation that governs DoD government travel charge card?</h3>
"The Travel and Transportation Reform Act of 1998" (TTRA) (Public Law 105-264) stipulates that the government-sponsored, contractor-issued travel card (hereafter referred to as the "travel card") shall be used by all U. Government personnel (civilian and military) to pay for costs incident to official business travel.
<h4>What happens if you lose your government travel card?</h4>
In most cases, they can be replaced within 24 hours if they are lost or stolen by calling 1-800-645-6556. Outside the U. , call collect at 813-623-1709.
<h4>Do not strand is a policy that allows Citi's?</h4>
Do Not Strand is a policy that allows Citi's customer service to temporarily activate an account that has been deactivated or suspended in order to ensure return travel to the traveler's duty station.
<h2>What is considered misuse of the GTCC?</h2>
Do not use the GTCC to make non-travel related purchases: i. , books, magazines, gym fees, gifts, room service, movie tickets, registration fees or tuition and souvenirs or non-reimbursable items such as tires or repairs to your POV while on TDY status.
<h3>What are the travel categories Jtr?</h3>
The categories of travel addressed in the JTR are: A. Temporary Duty (TDY) Travel. Government-funded Leave Travel.
<h2>What is considered local travel Jtr?</h2>
The local area includes separate cities, towns, or installations adjacent to or close to each other, where the commuting public travels daily during normal business hours.
<h4>What is circuitous travel?</h4>
CIRCUITOUS TRAVEL. Circuitous travel is defined as travel by a route other than the one that would normally be prescribed by a TO between the places listed in authorization travel orders.
<h3>Which of the statements about a reported lost or stolen travel card is true travel card 101?</h3>
Which of the statements about a lost or stolen travel card is true? The cardholder is responsible for authorized charges made before losing the card.
<h4>What DoD reference provides details about finding best value costs for shipping a mobile home?</h4>
What DoD reference provides details about finding 'best value' costs for shipping a mobile home? Per JTR, par. 033001-B3, what program allows service members to receive the incidental expenses portion of per diem while attached or assigned to a medical/patient unit for duty?.
<h2>Which is a reason for account suspension travel card?</h2>
Account Suspension – Accounts will suspend when undisputed GTCC balances remain unpaid following the first cycle date after the account reaches 31 days past the due date. Use of GTCC will not be permitted by the GTCC bank.

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