Where To Travel In April?

14. Athens, Greece — The Parthenon There’s hardly a bad time to visit Athens, Greece, but there are a few reasons why April is a great month to go. Topping the list is the fact that the peak tourist season doesn’t hit until summer, when visiting the Acropolis and Ancient Agora are almost too crowded to enjoy. An April Greece vacation will mean fewer tourists and more availability on popular tours. The spring temperatures in April are another reason to visit, when cool evenings and mild days make touring outside comfortable. Accommodation: Where to Stay in Athens: Best Areas & Hotels

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What are the cheapest places to fly in April?

Aspen, Colorado — Maroon Bells in Aspen While Aspen is a notoriously expensive destination, prices tend to dip in early April, right before the area warms up. Get there early in the month if you’re hoping to ski. Aspen Mountain challenges skiers to black diamond runs and other difficult routes, while Buttermilk and the Highlands appeal to novices. Regardless of how much powder there is in Aspen in April, the resorts will still have a cozy winter feel that will leave you relaxed.

  • Tourists can also have a blast in Aspen during closing day parties throughout the month of April
  • You can see crazy snowboarding stunts at the Smith Optics Grudge Match, take part in a casual barbecue at the Highland Bowl Gathering, watch skiers zip down the slopes in bikinis at the Elk Camp Surf & Snow Beach Party, and dress up for the 80s prom party at the Sundeck

Not there to ski? No worries, there are plenty of other fun things to do in Aspen that don’t involve zipping down a mountain. As for getting there, you’ll find plenty of cheap ways to get to from Denver to Aspen at this time of year. Accommodation: Best Resorts in Aspen, CO.

What city has the best weather in April?

10 Warm Destinations to Travel in the Us in April

  • Santa Monica LA.
  • Miami Beach.
  • San Diego.
  • Waikiki Beach Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Houston, Texas.
  • Papago Park in Phoenix Arizona.
  • Las Vegas.
  • New Orleans.
  • .

    What state is the best to visit in April?

    15. California — If you’re looking for sun and sand, the beaches around San Diego heat up early in the season. If you’re more of a night owl, the legendary clubs along the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles are hard to beat. If it’s adventure you seek, head to Yosemite where you can hike through the wilderness and see waterfalls in full force from the spring runoff.

    Where is the best beach weather in April?

    Best Beaches in Northern America in April

  • Hawaii, United States. 28° 5. 8h.
  • Hawaii Island, United States. 28° 5. 8h.
  • Kauai Island, United States. 27° 8. 4h.
  • Pinellas County, United States. 28° 9. 5h.
  • Monroe County, United States. 28° 8. 8h.
  • Maui Island, United States. 27° 6. 7h.
  • Oahu Island, United States. 28°
  • Texas, United States. 27°
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    Where is the cheapest warm place to vacation?

    Canary Islands, Spain — The Canary Islands, located just off the Moroccan coast, is the only true European destination with warm weather over the Christmas holidays, averaging in the mid-70s. There are over 900 miles of stunning coastline, offering the chance to relax at the edge of the sea while letting the feel of the soft white sands, clear cerulean waters and rays of sunshine recharge your batteries in between the holiday delights.

    You can explore the islands’ soaring volcanoes, sip unique wines indigenous to the region, and get an in-depth look as to how all seven islands, El Hierro, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Gomera, La Palma and Tenerife, celebrate the holidays in their own way, with special local traditions.

    On Lanzarote, you’ll have a choice of over 80 beaches for spending the holiday on, while hotels offer their guests all sorts of Christmas activities, and Santa Claus often makes an appearance at hotel pools. Tenerife tends to be particularly cheap as compared to most other popular warm climate destinations, and just about everything else is quite affordable as well. Where To Travel In April Quito, Ecuador.

    What is the cheapest country to fly to right now?

    10. Thailand — Where To Travel In April On the opposite side of the world, Thailand may seem out of the price range of many budget travelers. However, the cost of traveling in Thailand is astoundingly cheap. It is possible to have an enjoyable vacation here on a tight budget. The biggest expense of your trip will be the flight over but considering that the flight is to the other side of the world, the cost is not unaffordable.

    Where is hot in April for holiday?

    The hottest places to go on holiday in April — On average, some of the hottest places to visit in April are:

    1. Cancun (36. 7 °C)
    2. Orlando (28. 3 °C)
    3. Cairo (28. 1 °C)
    4. Marrakesh (25. 4 °C)
    5. Las Vegas (25. 2 °C)
    6. Lanzarote (23. 7 °C)
    7. Costa del Sol (21. 8 °C)
    8. Bodrum (21. 4 °C)
    9. Kos (21. 4 °C)
    10. Albufeira (20. 7 °C)


    Is Myrtle Beach Nice in April?

    Enjoy the mild weather — With temperature in the 70s and low 80s, the weather in Myrtle Beach is awesome in April. It’s perfect if you enjoy walking and lounging on the beach, exploring the area or shopping in one of the many outdoor shopping complexes. The water temperature is typically in the 60s — a little chilly for the adults, but we see kids diving right in all the time! Where To Travel In April.

    Where is hot and sunny in April?

    Florida, USA — Where To Travel In April Walk down South Beach in Miami in the April heat (Picture: Getty)Temperature: 29°CSunshine hours: 12 hoursFlight time: Nine hours Florida is often known as The Sunshine State – because it’s amazingly hot, humid, and gloriously sunny year-round, thanks to its proximity to the Equator. April’s a particularly nice time to visit this sun-drenched state, as temperatures soar towards 30°C (or 86°F as an American might say). Hot, but definitely still bearable. It’ll be fairly easy to walk around Disney World Florida and Orlando’s various theme parks this month.

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    Is Myrtle Beach warm in April?

    Daily high temperatures increase by 7°F, from 68°F to 75°F, rarely falling below 59°F or exceeding 82°F. Daily low temperatures increase by 7°F, from 52°F to 59°F, rarely falling below 40°F or exceeding 68°F. For reference, on July 21, the hottest day of the year, temperatures in Myrtle Beach typically range from 75°F to 88°F, while on January 29, the coldest day of the year, they range from 39°F to 56°F.

    Is April a good time to visit USA?

    April to July  — Spring is the best time to go to USA if you’re looking to travel to one of the national parks, like Yellowstone or the Rockies. As the snow melts, the wildlife comes back out into the open and the lovely warm weather makes it perfect for outdoor activities.

    Where is hot in April for short break?

    Where’s hot in April?

    Country City Ave. daily temperature in April
    Morocco Marrakech 19°C / 66°F
    USA Las Vegas 24°C / 75°F
    Spain Lanzarote 20°C / 68°F
    Turkey Bodrum 20°C / 68°F


    How is Hawaii in April?

    Hawaii Weather in April — Spring is always a good time to travel to Hawaii. Unlike other areas, where the spring means rain, the rainy weather of the winter months is a distant memory in Hawaii. The daytime temperatures are comfortably warm, averaging in the high 70s and low 80s.

    Evenings are slightly colder and dip into the 60s, especially along the beaches. The warm waters of April invite you to frolic, bask in the sun, or learn to surf. Even though the rainy season has ended, you can increase your chances of seeing more sun by choosing to stay on the leeward side of the islands.

    Hawaii’s driest locations include south Maui, the south and southwestern areas of Oahu, and The Kohala Coast on Big Island. Rain can still fall, but usually, it’s nothing more than a sudden rain shower. And that won’t be enough to dampen your day or your spirits.

    Carry an umbrella if you are out at night, as these little showers tend to fall in the evening. Keep in mind that the temperatures can change drastically depending on where you are visiting. For example, the beaches and water tend to be balmy and warm, and areas in the mountains or volcanoes can be downright chilly.

    It is not uncommon to need a jacket and long pants when you hit the summits of some of the volcanoes. Also, areas such as Volcano on the Big Island or Kokee on Kauai can see even more of a dip in temperature as the sun sets. Where To Travel In April April Temperatures in Hawaii Where To Travel In April Hawaii Rainfall in April.

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    How hot is it in Greece in April?

    Climate in Greece in April — The climate in Greece in April is generally hot and dry. However, April is a changeover month and the weather can be unpredictable as it moves from the wet season from October to March into the beginning of the dry season, which lasts from April to September.

    Temperatures in Greece during April depend largely upon which part of Greece you are in. Greek islands, such as Crete, enjoy average daytime highs of about 20°C (68°F) in April. The islands also tend to get roughly 6 hours of sunshine per day in April.

    On mainland Greece, average temperatures in April are between 11 and 20°C (52 to 68°F), but Athens enjoys 8 hours of sunshine per day in April. Sea temperatures around much of Greece during April tend to average at 16°C (61°F). Northern Greece as well as higher altitudes are much cooler during April.

    Is Hilton Head warm in April?

    They say there’s no such thing as perfect, but April on Hilton Head Island comes pretty close. Warm weather, sunny days, and the lowest humidity of the year make this month the perfect time to visit our coastal island retreat. With daily highs of 76 degrees and a few potential 80 plus days, April is the beginning of pool weather on the Island.

    Sun yourself poolside, take a refreshing dip and even hit the beaches for a walk or picnic. Get outside and take advantage of the rapidly rising temperatures with a wildlife tour, historic bike adventure, or take in the beauty of sunrise on the beach.

    Remember to pack some warmer layers for night time excursions and or a day at sea. With little more than a day or two of rain per week during the month of April, it’s a great time to experience Hilton Head Island. Intermittent showers mixed with low humidity and lots of sun provide the perfect backdrop for Lowcountry boils, sandy beach walks, and dinner under the stars.

    It may not be exactly summer, but April sure does bring a lot of sun to Hilton Head Island. Visitors can expect an average 11 days of mainly clear skies, as well as a total of 277 hours of sunlight this month.

    Easily the sunniest month on the Island, the balmy temperatures make April the perfect month for any type of endurance sport or lengthy physical activity on Hilton Head. Despite April’s reputation for showers, April on Hilton Head Island means the lowest humidity of the year. High: 76℉Low: 56℉ Rainfall: 3. 1 inches.
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