What Does A Travel Nurse Do?

As skilled professionals, travel nurses take temporary nursing positions in high-need areas. They jump into hospitals, clinics, and other facilities, giving patients across the country quality care. The COVID-19 pandemic created a nationwide staffing crisis and, as a result, a surge in demand for travel nurses.

What are the roles of a travel nurse?

Job brief — We are looking for a Travel Nurse to join our healthcare team and work with our patients as we resolve staffing shortages. Travel Nurse responsibilities include performing tests, administering medications and writing reports to inform our doctors and other healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat patients.

What do travel nurses pay for?

Do travel nurses make more money? — In general, travel nurses have the opportunity to make more money than a staff nurse for two main reasons: 1) High need = higher pay. Travel nurse staffing agencies work specifically with hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities that have a high demand for nurses, which means they are willing to pay more to reach adequate staffing levels or to cover known leave of absences.

  • 2) Additional monetary incentives
  • Unlike regular staff nurses, travel nurses are paid a «total pay package» that includes an hourly base wage pay plus additional monetary incentives that include things like sign-on or referral bonuses, travel reimbursements and stipends for housing, food, mileage, or job-related expenses

Because these extra stipends are classified as reimbursements and not income, they’re non-taxable, so a travel nurse can bring home a higher total pay when compared to a staff nurse, who pays taxes on all of the income they bring home.

How much do most travel nurses make?

Monthly: The monthly salary for travel nurses averages out to $9,790 and may vary depending on hours worked or bonuses. Annual: The average annual salary for travel nurses also varies significantly. On average, they earn $117,490 with a starting salary of $78,430, rising to $170,680 as more experience is gained.

What type of work is done as a travel nurse?

Travel Nurse Job Essential Information — Being a traveling nurse comes with the same type of responsibilities as a non-travel nursing job or staff nurse in any medical facility. Travel nurses are healthcare professionals who assist patients and have a wide array of duties to perform, such as administering medication and preparing nutritionally-specific meals.

Is it worth being a travel nurse?

Great pay. — One of the biggest advantages of being a travel nurse is that you have the ability to be making a six-figure salary. That is a great living. Now, if an institution really needs staff to work, they can really increase the amount they will pay you for your contract.

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Is it hard to become a travel nurse?

What Does A Travel Nurse Do Medically Reviewed by Kathleen Gaines MSN, RN, BA, CBC With more and more nurses wanting to travel the country and still work in a profession they love, travel nursing has become increasingly popular. It offers guaranteed shifts at a higher pay while exploring a new city as often as one wants, generally 13-weeks at a time. Travel nursing is also very enticing to those that want increased flexibility within the nursing sector that traditional bedside nursing might not offer.

In the past three years (due to the COVID pandemic) travel nursing has seen a tremendous surge in demand. This guide will give you everything you need to know about travel nursing. Or, if you’re ready — you can get started now by visiting our trusted partner, travelnursing.

org. As with any nursing career, students must first complete and receive either an Associate’s Degree in Nursing or Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from an accredited university. A BSN is preferred for travel nurses because it will give them access to many more job opportunities, including level 1 trauma centers and Magnet-designated healthcare systems.

After passing the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) exam, individuals must become licensed in their state of practice. The NCLEX is a nationwide examination for the licensing of nurses in the United States and Canada.

This schooling may take 2-4 years depending on the length of the program. The most important element to becoming a travel nurse is experience. Most travel agencies and hospitals require nurses to have a minimum of two years of nursing experience prior to applying for travel nursing contracts. Ideally, nurses should have the following characteristics before pursuing travel nursing, 

  • Strong clinical background
  • Leadership skills
  • Expertise in their field
  • Adaptability
  • Flexibility
  • Solid communication skills
  • Problem solver
  • Reliability
  • Critical thinking
  • Love of the unknown
  • Organization
  • Compassion
  • Ability to work with a team

Because travel nurses have the ability to move from state to state every few weeks it is important to investigate license requirements in each state. Some licenses can take days or months to obtain while others may require an in-person appearance. There are a handful of states that are considered «walk-through» states which means that a nurse can obtain a temporary nursing license from the board in one day. What Does A Travel Nurse Do Explore travel nursing jobs now. Sign up with our trusted partner, travelnursing. org, and they will connect you to top agencies today. The salary for a travel nurse varies the most amongst all of the nursing professions. Travel nurses make on average between $1,300 to $2700 per week. However, it is not unheard of to make over $3,000 per week as a travel nurse.

  1. The licenses are good for 30 days to 6 months depending on the state
  2. These types of licenses are used mostly for «strike» work and crisis contracts
  3. Average annual salary ranges from $44,727 to $106,985
  4. During the pandemic, travel nurses made more money than ever before
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This was a direct result of the increase in patients, a decrease in healthcare staff due to the virus, and the ongoing staffing shortages. It’s important to note that these VERY high rates are not expected to last.

How long are traveling nurses gone?

How long are travel nurse assignments? — A. Most assignments last 13 weeks, though some travel jobs may be as short as 8 weeks while others may be as long as 26 weeks. Many assignments are renewed if the traveler and the hospital are in agreement. Some travel nurses extend multiple times, when the job is a perfect fit!.

Do travel nurses make a lot of money?

How Much Money Do Travel Nurses Make?  — Under normal circumstances, many travel nurses have the potential to earn over $3,000 per week. Travel nurses can bring in over $50 per hour, plus company-paid housing accommodations. Making it entirely possible for travel nurses to make well over $100K per year.

Why do hospitals hire travel nurses?

Conclusion: — Travel nurses provide hospitals with many benefits. They allow medical facilities to reduce their staffing costs and also help them to fill in the gaps when there is an increase in need. In addition, being a travel nurse can be an extremely rewarding and exciting career.

What does a travel nurse do on a typical day?

What Do Travel Nurses Do — Nurses, no matter travel or perm, have a lot of critical responsibilities. While there are different types of nursing specialties, the core duties for all nurses are the same. They consist of patient care, communicating with doctors, building a patient and nurse relationship, administering medicine and checking vital signs.

  1. On a typical day as a travel nurse, you might do things such as conduct physical exams to assess a patient’s condition, listen to patients and care for their needs, provide counseling to patients, and coordinate with healthcare providers
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You will do all this while staying current on new advances with health care options, medications, and treatment plans. What Does A Travel Nurse Do.

How do I become a travel nurse?

  1. Finding a Job
  2. How To Become a Travel Nurse (With Salary Expectations)

By Indeed Editorial TeamPublished 15 November 2021Travel nurses combine their expertise in caring for patients and their passion for travel to work all over the world. As the role is highly skilled, salaries are typically strong regardless of where travel nurses work. If you’re interested in working in the health care industry and also have a passion for travel, a career as a travel nurse may be for you. In this article, we discuss how to become a travel nurse, where they work and how much they earn.

How do I start a traveling nurse?

What Is Travel Nursing? | Is It Worth It

7 Simple Steps to Get Started as a Travel Nurse

  1. Check out travel nursing companies.
  2. Submit an application.
  3. Start working with a recruiter.
  4. Clarify your needs and wants.
  5. Secure the travel RN job you want.
  6. Get packing!
  7. Go ‘all in’


What skills do travel nurses need?

No need to wait for spring or fall semester. It’s back-to-school time at WGU year-round. Get started by talking to an Enrollment Counselor today, and you’ll be on your way to realizing your dream of a bachelor’s or master’s degree—sooner than you might think! — Learn about online college admissions at WGU. All travel nurses will need to have current licensure and nursing skills in order to get a job. But travel nurses also need other skills to help them succeed. Those skills include:

  • Emotional intelligence. Travel nurses have to be able to give bad news to people, and help them cope.
  • Critical thinking. Nurses of all kinds deal with complex problems and need to find solutions.
  • Flexibility. Travel nurses especially need to be flexible to work different hours, move to new places quickly, and more.
  • Adaptability. Travel nurses are in new hospitals and clinics all the time. They must be able to adapt to their new circumstances quickly and effectively.
  • Strong communication skills. Travel nurses need to be able to communicate well to patients, and to be able to ask questions when needed.
  • Love of traveling. It may seem like a no brainer, but traveling nurses will be traveling a lot! So a love of travel and a sense of adventure is a must.

What Does A Travel Nurse Do

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