How Fast Do Electromagnetic Waves Travel?

How Fast Do Electromagnetic Waves Travel
Electromagnetic radiation is an electric and magnetic disturbance traveling through space at the speed of light ( 2. 998 × 108 m/s ).

What is the speed of electromagnetic waves?

Electromagnetic radiation is a type of energy that is commonly known as light. Generally speaking, we say that light travels in waves, and all electromagnetic radiation travels at the same speed which is about 3. 0 * 10 8 meters per second through a vacuum.

A wavelength is one cycle of a wave, and we measure it as the distance between any two consecutive peaks of a wave. The peak is the highest point of the wave, and the trough is the lowest point of the wave.


How fast do electromagnetic waves travel through air?

Understanding Electromagnetic Radiation! | ICT #5

The speed of any electromagnetic waves in free space is the speed of light c = 3*108 m/s.

How fast do EM waves travel in mph?

Types of Electromagnetic Wave Behavior In a vacuum, all electromagnetic radiation travels at the same incredible speed of 3. 00 × 108 m/s, which is equal to 671 million miles per hour.

Do all electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light?

All electromagnetic waves travel across space at the speed of light , which is about 300 million meters per second (3. 0 x 108 m/s). Electromagnetic waves vary in wavelength and frequency.

What is the speed of the electricity?

Asked by: Carel Lucas, Perth, Australia Drift velocity, the average speed at which electrons travel in a conductor when subjected to an electric field, is about 1mm per second. It’s the electromagnetic wave rippling through the electrons that propagates at close to the speed of light. Read more:

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How far can electromagnetic waves travel?

$\begingroup$ Radio waves are like other frequency E&M radiation in that they can travel infinitely far in a vacuum at the speed c. c = 2. 998×10^8 m/sec. Photons can have the frequency associated with the radio frequency. answered Jun 28, 2019 at 15:02 How Fast Do Electromagnetic Waves Travel Natsfan Natsfan 2,612 2 gold badges 8 silver badges 12 bronze badges $\endgroup$ $\begingroup$ Radio waves are just a less energetic version of infra red or visible light, so like the other wavelengths they have a particle aspect (photons) as well as a wave aspect. Nobody really understands wave/particle duality, you can only see whichever aspect your equipment is designed to detect. As to how far they can travel in a vacuum, the electromagnetic force reaches to infinity. Radio waves are part of the electromagnetic spectrum, so the answer is any distance you care to mention.

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I think the furthest yet detected by radio telescopes have travelled nearly 14 billion miles. Bear in mind that at distances of billions of miles, photons become red-shifted due to the expansion of the universe, so may not have started out as radio waves.

Other factors such as gravity can also red shift them. Space is not a perfect vacuum, which doesn’t make much difference for distances of under a billion miles, but probably does for distances far greater than that. answered Jun 28, 2019 at 15:41 $\endgroup$ 8

  • $\begingroup$ PS The classic example of waves behaving like particles is the photo electric effect, where high energy photons knock electrons out of a metal plate, but radio waves are far too weak to do anything like that. Einstein’s Nobel Prize was for his 1905 paper on the photoelectric effect. $\endgroup$ Jun 28, 2019 at 15:52
  • $\begingroup$ OTOH, radio waves can make the electrons in a piece of metal wiggle around. If they couldn’t do that, radios wouldn’t work. $\endgroup$ Jun 28, 2019 at 22:35
  • $\begingroup$ Where does that figure of 14 billion miles come from? That’s not very far, around 150 AU. $\endgroup$ Jun 28, 2019 at 22:38
  • $\begingroup$ To the best of my knowledge, no telescope or radio telescope has detected electromagnetic waves from more than 13. 8 billion miles away; if they have, they certainly haven’t trumpeted the fact. $\endgroup$ Jun 29, 2019 at 8:41
  • $\begingroup$ Space is not an absolute vacuum. When photon travels, it must hit some particals and becomes less energetic. This leads to red-shift. If phonon travels too far, the red-shift must be enormous. And the phonon will disappear finally. $\endgroup$ Jun 29, 2019 at 13:39

What is the speed of electromagnetic waves in water?

Index of Refraction: — As an electromagnetic wave enters from one medium to another, the speed at which it is traveling changes. This change in speed causes its trajectory to bend slightly when transitioning between the media. How much of a bend will occur depends on something called the index of refraction of both the media it is entering and leaving.

Do EM waves travel at different speeds in space?

All electromagnetic waves travel at the same speed through empty space. That speed, called the speed of light, is 300 million meters per second (3. 0 × 108 m/s). Nothing else in the universe is known to travel this fast. If you could move that fast, you would be able to travel around Earth 7.

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Is electricity as fast as light?

We want to know which is faster: electricity or light? Question Date: 1997-11-07 Answer 1: Electricity and light are both forms of ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION (ER) and all ER travels at the same speed of 300,000. km/second How many miles per second is 300000 km/s Radio waves, radar, microwaves, light, gamma rays and X rays are all forms of ER and they all travel at » the speed of light» Answer 2: Suppose Ismael is on earth and Mariela is on Mars. Mariela has a very bright light bulb on Mars. Mariela turns on the light bulb. How long does it take for Ismael to see the light turn on? MARS. EARTH Mariela. Ismael light bulb (Find out the distance between Earth and Mars. The speed of light is 300,000 kilometers per second.

  1. ) At the same time Brian is on earth and Janet is on Mars;
  2. Janet has a battery; Brian has a light bulb;
  3. Suppose a very long pair of wires goes from the + side of the battery on Mars all the way to the light bulb on Earth and back to the Janet’s hand on Mars;

She connects the wire to the side of the battery. How long does it take before Brian sees the light bulb turn on? MARS. EARTH Janet. Brian battery + —————————————light battery — —————————————bulb Your question is: Does it take less time for Ismael to see the light, or for Brian to see the light? One of the principles of physics is that NOTHING goes faster than the speed of light in space.

Therefore it is impossible for Brian to see the light before Ismael. (Electricity is NOT faster than Light. ) However, is it possible for Ismael to see the light at the same time as Ismael? (In otherwords, Is Electricty AS FAST as Light?) The answer: ALMOST but NOT QUITE.

It is impossible for him to see it at a different time !» Just how fast the Electricity goes depends on the shape of the two wires going from Mars to Earth. WHY? Another principle of physics is that Light and Electricity are the SAME THING. Electricity is just Light guided along wires.

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Answer 3: Light travels through empty space at 186,000 miles per second. The electricity which flows through the wires in your homes and appliances travels much slower: only about 1/100 th the speed of light. Part of the reason is that light is massless; it has no weight, whereas the electricity flowing in the wires is made up of a stream of electrons, all of which have some small amount of weight.

(Sort of. ) But this «guiding» of light along the wires makes it slow down little. In addition, the electrons flowing through the wires constantly bump into the atoms of the wire, which slows them down considerably.

If you were to take the electrons out of the wire and make them flow through space (which is essentially what you do when you make a spark), they can move faster, but no matter what, they cannot move as fast light. Answer 4: It is very difficult to distinguish electricity from light. Optical radiation called light is the same thing as x-ray radiation is the same thing as microwave radiation is the same as infrared radiation is the same as radio waves. They are all caused by alternating electric charge or electric current. In free space the radiation travels at the «speed of light» but the radiation can also travel down two wires at the speed of light unless the two wires are surrounded a dielectric like plastic.

A guy named Maxwell,a creative physicist,developed the theory and first understood the relation between electricity and light. He was a true giant of science and physics. Maxwell’s equations are fundamental to modern science and technology especially as it relates to electricity, electronics, lasers, radio waves, light etc.

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How fast are gamma rays?

In a vacuum, all forms of electromagnetic radiation—whether microwaves, visible light, or gamma rays—travel at the speed of light (c) , which is the speed with which all forms of electromagnetic radiation travel in a vacuum, a fundamental physical constant with a value of 2.

Are radio waves as fast as light?

Radio waves travel at the speed of light , which is approximately 186,000 miles per second.

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