How To Fold Dress Shirts For Travel?

How To Fold Dress Shirts For Travel

How do you pack a dress shirt in a suitcase without wrinkles?

How to Fold a Dress Shirt for Packing | Bonobos

How to Fold Dress Shirts for Travel — Here’s how to pack a dress shirt without wrinkling it:

  1. Button the shirt up to the top button.
  2. Lay it facedown on a hard, flat surface like a table.
  3. Spread it out, sleeves to the side.
  4. Fold sleeves inward to the middle of the shirt (horizontal fold). This should be about halfway up the sleeve; repeat for the other side.
  5. For extra wrinkle-resistance, put a dryer sheet here. The sheet will provide «interstitial suspension» so the fabric won’t bunch up once you finish folding it. Also, your bag will smell great.
  6. Fold in each side about 3 inches towards the middle of the shirt. If you’re doing it right, you’ll have a «V» pattern at the top of the back of your shirt.
  7. Fold in half, from the bottom up once. Fold in half again for a tighter fold or if you really need the space.
  8. Celebrate looking great.


Does rolling clothes prevent wrinkles?

Rolling Clothes — Should you roll or fold your clothes? This is the classic packing debate. My favorite packing method is rolling. Rolling is the best way to keep your clothes wrinkle-free since your clothes are tightly rolled without any hard creases. To avoid creases, fold your clothes along the seams and smooth out any wrinkles.

Is it better to roll or fold clothes in a suitcase?

Pros —

  • Rolling saves space in your bag, especially if you only have hand luggage.
  • You can organise your bag better, by being able to see every item of clothing.
  • Rolling is great for small items. Especially for items made from synthetic fibres like nylon as they will be less likely to wrinkle.
  • It works well for shorts, socks, synthetic t-shirts, tank tops, some pajamas and sweat pants.
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How do you transport a business shirt?

Since shirts have relatively little space in a suitcase, it is important to fold them neatly and store them between smooth surfaces like a towel. In addition, you can wrap your shirts in tissue paper, which is available in almost every hardware store.

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